Floor Collapse Traps, Kills 2 Wilmington Firefighters

Sept. 24, 2016: The floor of a burning row home in Wilmington's Canby Park collapsed early Saturday, killing two firefighters and critically wounded two others.

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NBC10 | Mark Massechia
Sept. 24, 2016: First responder puts his arm around a woman at the scene of Saturday morning's deadly row home fire in Wilmington, Delaware. Read full story here
NBC10 | Mark Massechia
Two firefighters died and four other were injured when the first floor of this burning row home collapsed, trapping them in the basement.
The fallen firefighters, Jerry Fickes (left) and Christopher Leach are veterans of the Wilmington fire department. Both leave behind children and families.
NBC10 | Mark Massechia
Firefighters and emergency workers gathered around the back of the row home as crews worked to bring out the body of one of the fallen firefighters who was pronounced dead at the scene.
NBC10 | Mark Massechia
Four other firefighters were injured.
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NBC10 | Mark Massechia
Firefighters, including Wilmington Fire Chief Anthony Goode assisting during the search and recovery.
NBC10 | Mark Massechia
Scores of first responders walked solemnly from the scene after one of the fallen firefighter's body was recovery and brought out, covered in an American flag.
Marion Veasey
Marion Veasey snapped these photographs from a rear window in her home, which is directly across from the Canby Park row home that caught fire Saturday morning, Sept. 24, 2016 in Wilmington, Delaware.
Marion Veasey
Marion took this picture after the fallen and injured firefighters were carried out of the home.
Marion Veasey
Everyone who lived in the home -- parents and their four children -- got out safely after their smoke detector went off.
Aundrea Cline-Thomas
Wilmington's fire houses placed bunting on the buildings and flew flags at half staff Saturday to honor their fallen firefighters.
Marion Veasey
The cause of the fire, which broke out shortly before 3 a.m. is being investigated.
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James Jobes, Wilmington Fire Department
Senior Firefighter Jerry Fickes was hired 12/15/2003. Fickes permanent assignment was Squad 4 C Platoon and had 13 years of service on the job.
James Jobes, Wilmington Fire Department
Lieutenant Christopher Leach hired Sep. 16, 2002. Leach's permanent assignment was Engine 6 D Platoon. He had 14 years of service.
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