Fleet of NJ Recycling Truck Tires Slashed

Police will be including recently laid off recycling drivers in the investigation into the $30,000 crime

It’s not easy being green.

Someone slashed the tires of all 32 trucks in Burlington County’s recycling division sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning, authorities say.

It’s going to cost the New Jersey county about $30,000 in damages, director of recycling Isaac Manning said.

“It’s obviously somebody who knew what they were doing, sticking the tires,” the county’s director of recycling Isaac Manning told NBC Philadelphia’s Justin Pizzi. “It’s really [baffling] why somebody would do this.”

Surveillance video shows one person puncturing the tires overnight at the recycling center on Hancock Road in Westampton Township. Police say that about a dozen drivers were laid off recently and all will be questioned in the investigation.

The crime stopped operations Friday, making more work and overtime for the drivers who are still employed.


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