Alleged Flash Mob Attackers Surrender to Police

Three juveniles involved in a flash mob attack back in July turned themselves in on Wednesday, according to police.

On July 29, around 2 p.m., police say three Philadelphia teens attacked a 30-year-old man on 4th and Walnut.

The attack was captured on surveillance video. The video shows one student punching the man in the head and the others punching and kicking him. The attackers then fled and the man went to the hospital where he was treated for jaw injuries.

Police say that the teens are summer school students at Mastery Charter, located only a few blocks away from the attack. A school administrator identified the teens on the surveillance video which helped police track them down.

"We called them yesterday and said we had arrest warrants," said Lieutenant Patrick Doherty of the Philadelphia Police. "To the parents credit they all agreed to turn them in." 

Two of the attackers surrendered to Central Detectives around 9 a.m. on Wednesday. The third attacker turned himself in Wednesday afternoon.

Police say that the three teens left Central Detectives Wednesday night and are spending the night at a Juvenile Detention Center. They are all charged with aggravated assault.

Mayor Michael Nutter recently announced a city-wide crackdown on flash mob attacks and an increased police presence.

Nutter also scolded the teenagers involved in the numerous flash mob attacks as well as their parents while speaking at the Mount Carmel Baptist Church in West Philadelphia last Sunday.

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