Five Fun Facts About Peafowl

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While it's common to call all of the birds peacocks, technically only the males are called peacocks. They are the ones with the large tails. Females are technically called peahens. As a collective, the birds are called peafowl.
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More than 200 feathers can make up tails of the male peacock. Their tails are used for mating displays and peahens are said to choose their mates based on how attractive the peacock's tail is.
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Peafowl are members of the pheasant family and native to Africa and Southeast Asia.
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They make noise. The peacock sound is distinct and loud. Listen here.
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Their feathers can be white. A rare peacock variety, called a leucistic peacock have all white feathers. All peafowl are omnivores, eating small insects, plants and other small creatures found on the ground.
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By the way, NBC added the peacock to it's logo in 1957. It was adopted because of the increase in color television programming.
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