First Day of Summer, Already Looking At Second Heat Wave of the Year


Summer officially begins at 6:34 PM on Monday. Tuesday will be the longest day of the year with a glorious 15 hours and 1 minute of daylight. Tuesday also kicks off a two week stretch of the latest sunsets of the year, at 8:33 PM. The sun will start setting earlier after July 6th. 

It certainly feels like summer out. Monday is the second straight day above 90 degrees in Philadelphia. One more makes it a heat wave, which is defined as three straight days of 90 degrees or more. We should get there on Tuesday. We’re forecasting 90 in Philadelphia. 


Better than 2/3 of the country is roasting in sweltering temperatures now. Phoenix hit 118 degrees on Sunday, and our sister station in Los Angeles is forecasting 110 degrees in Burbank on Monday. It’s all thanks to a giant High Pressure system located in Utah and a giant ridge in the jet stream that is bringing hot air all the way up to Canada. Fortunately, those ridges can’t live very long and we’ll start cooling down thanks to a backdoor front on Wednesday.


As we summer begins, don’t forget we’ve already had a heat wave in Philadelphia. That heat wave happened in May! Unfortunately, we’re looking at a hot summer this year. The Climate Prediction Center is giving us a 50% chance for an above average July, August and September, so make sure you’ve got good air-conditioning set up for the summer.

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