First Alert Weather Week Ahead: Tropical Storm Irma Brings the Area Showers

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Monday will continue to see beautiful weather across the Delaware Valley. Temperatures will rise into the upper 70s during the afternoon, and scattered clouds will begin to spill into the area well ahead of the bulk of Tropical Storm Irma’s moisture.
Cloud coverage will continue to increase overnight and into Tuesday. Tuesday will remain mostly cloudy as Irma begins to fall apart over the southeast, and the clouds associated with the system blanket our region. Temperatures will still remain warm Tuesday, with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s.
By Wednesday morning, showers from Tropical Storm Irma will move across the area. Periods of showers are expected on and off throughout Wednesday.
Take a look at the American computer model projection for Thursday afternoon. More showers are possible thanks to Irma’s moisture, and this trend continues into Friday and Saturday. Because the tropical moisture will be weak as it passes our region, some neighborhoods may remain dry Thursday through Saturday.
Here’s a look at the same model for Friday afternoon. It’s important to note the rain isn’t flooding rain, and it doesn’t appear any day will be a washout. Instead, on and off showers are possible. Again, some areas may not see any rain. There is simply a scattered chance of showers.
Again, the American model projects some lingering showers Saturday, mostly isolated in nature.
As for temperatures, they’ll climb to around average (80 degrees in Philadelphia) throughout the work week. Over the weekend, it’s likely there will be plenty of clouds, but rain is less likely.
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