Fire Breaks Out at Fire Department

Fire crews responded to an early morning blaze inside a Gloucester County fire department

A three-alarm fire broke out just before 5:45 a.m. Friday morning on the second floor of the Woodbury Heights Fire Department in Gloucester County.

This is a volunteer department, so authorities say no firefighters were inside at the time.

Neighboring fire crews from around the area responded to the scene on the 500 block of Elm Avenue, and had the fire under control within an hour and a half.

One firefighter was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, fire officials tell NBC10 he is doing well.

"It's really surreal, I've been a member here for 30 years and it's just hard," said Fire chief Rob Conley, Woodbury Heights Fire Department.

Conley says three pumpers and an ambulance were able to be safely removed from the station.

The Woodbury Heights Fire Department is 101 years old, and the second floor was home to records and photographs that were part of the station's rich history.

"It's the same thing when someone loses their home, it's the things that mean things to people. You can replace the building, you can replace everything in there but you can't replace the memories," said Donald Ley, who has been a volunteer firefighter with the department for 62 years.

The Fire Marshall's office is investigating and there's no word yet on a cause.

Woodbury Heights Elementary School, located near the fire station, was closed for the day.

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