Father Shares Final Moment With Teen Killed in Hit-&-Run

As police continued to search for the hit-and-run driver who killed a teenager on Wednesday night in Philadelphia, the victim's family shared some of the victim's final moments.

Before he died, 18-year old Kevin Maldonado asked for something he had never asked for before -- his father's blessing.

"He turned around and told me, 'Daddy, give me a kiss and a blessing,'" says Maldonado's father as he spoke of their last moment together.

Surveillance cameras show Kevin getting a ride with his girlfriend's father, Gregorio Esquilin, outside of Esquilin's auto shop when a white Prius struck him. The impact threw Kevin 30 feet into the air and onto a minivan. 

"I felt a hard impact. I felt the flatbed shake, I thought the driver had hit my truck," explains Esquilin, "He called me don guio, I love your daughter."

Police report the driver -- described as a heavy set woman weighing at least 250 pounds and standing around 5-feet, 11-inches with long hair, possibly a wig -- continued a few more blocks before stopping, dtiching the car and running away. Investigators found out the car was stolen from Delaware County.

"When there's an innocent life, that's not called being a snitch, said Maldonado's father. "That person needs to be removed from the streets."

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