Deadly, Fiery Crash on the Boulevard

A car burst into flames along one of Philadelphia’s busiest roads overnight leaving the driver dead.

The car went out of control around 11 p.m. Monday as it traveled northbound on the 4600 block of Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia’s Crescentville section.

Firefighters and police quickly rushed to the scene.

“They found a 2011 Mazda in the median strip of the Boulevard, it had flipped over on its side,” said Chief Inspector Scott Small. “The vehicle was fully engulfed in flames.”

Firefighters tried to extinguish the flames as quickly as possible but it was too late for the driver.

“Inside of the vehicle was a body that was burned beyond recognition – pronounced dead on the scene,” said Small.

Police said the car lost control in the northbound lanes before striking a tree in the median and catching fire.

The crash involved only the one car, according to investigators.

Small said that further investigation is needed to figure out if the driver was a man or woman let alone his or her identification.

Investigators hope an autopsy and running vehicle information will help them identify the victim.

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