Feds, SWAT Raid Cherry Hill Business in Counterfeit Currency Bust

A SWAT Team and FBI agents used a flash grenade during a counterfeit currency raid at a Cherry Hill business, alarming nearby witnesses.

“I’m still a little shaky,” said Chuck Rickards. “It was really loud.”

The raid took place Wednesday morning at the Deer Tree Office Park on the 600 block of Deer Tree Road. Secret Service agents told NBC10 the raid was in relation to the printing of counterfeit currency and that several people were arrested. They did not reveal any other details beyond that however.

During the bust, officers used a flash grenade, which damaged the front door of the business.

“They did the tear gas first and then broke through the door,” said Kim Legge, another witness. “I just took everybody upstairs to get away from the windows.”

Those who work at or visit the complex say the unnamed business was occupied four to six months ago and always seemed suspicious since it was flanked with several security cameras.

“It never had a business name and they would get stuff to the backdoor,” said Don Walsh, a UPS delivery driver. “He had a lot of security in there. There are cameras all over the building. He would have to go through two doors to answer. I don’t know what he was into but it seems like something.”

Investigators have not yet revealed the identities of the suspects or the specific charges against them. Officials say they will release more information after a search warrant is carried out completely.

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