FBI Issues Alert on Barbie Doll With Video Camera

She's not on the most-wanted list, but yes, the FBI did issue an alert about Barbie.

The doll.

Apparently, they were simply trying to give law enforcement agencies a heads up -- that the new "Video Girl Barbie" comes with a hidden camera, which could be used to record child pornography.

“The alert’s intent was to ensure law enforcement agencies were aware that the doll, like any other video-capable equipment, could contain evidence and to not disregard such an item during a search,” the FBI explained in a statement.

However, the alert accidentally got sent to the media, according to the FBI and the "pervert" spin on the story made headlines all over the place.

But the FBI wants you to know that the popular new Barbie doll HAS NOT been linked with any reported crimes. And Mattel wants you to know:

The FBI is not reporting that anything has happened. Steve Dupre from the FBI Sacramento field office has confirmed there have been no incidents of this doll being used as anything other than as intended. Mattel products are designed with children and their best interests in mind. Many of Mattel's employees are parents themselves and we understand the importance of child safety -- it is our number one priority.

Video Girl Barbie seems to be a popular gift this holiday for local kids. The Toys R Us in South Philly told us they had lines of people waiting to buy it and now they're sold out.

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