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What Are People's ‘Favorite Candy' in Each State? A Social Networking Platform Looks For Answers

Every Halloween season, the conversation of which candy is the greatest of all time is brought up.

Some enjoy the sweet chocolatey-peanut-butter blend of Reese’s Cups. Others prefer to taste the rainbow with Skittles.

This Nutrageous debate might never come to an end. So, Influenster— a product discovery and reviews platform with an online community of 2 million shoppers— went on a national quest to find the answer. The social networking site surveyed 40,000 of its subscribers about their favorite candy and gathered the results from each state. Here are the tristate area’s findings:

1. Pennsylvania - Swedish Fish

2. Delaware - 3 Musketeers

3. New Jersey - Sour Patch Kids

Did you Snicker at the results? What’s your favorite candy?

For the breakdown of which candy holds the throne state by state, click here.

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