Faulty Railwork Led to Derailment Over Schuylkill: CSX

CSX released their findings on what caused a train derailment over the Schuylkill River last month Thursday afternoon.

According to the transportation company, the derailment was caused by faulty work on the tracks.

Prior to the January 20 derailment on the Schuylkill Arsenal Railroad Bridge, a scheduled upgrade was performed on the track, says CSX. The upgrade involved replacing track crossties. The work, according to the company, was finished without following CSX engineering protocol -- the temporary fastners to the crossties were not properly secured causing the derailment.

The derailment left a tanker car, a boxcar and five others leaning off the side of the bridge for days.

Six of the cars were carrying crude oil and all of them had to be emptied before being removed from the bridge.

The bridge itself, CSX reports, is structurally sound.

The Federal Railroad Administration is now reviewing the CSX findings.

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