Family of 6-Year-Old Drive-By Shooting Victim Needs Your Help

Their son was shot in a drive-by shooting, paralyzed at the young age of 6. Now, this family is asking for the public's help so they can properly care for their son.

JaShown Banner and his mom were driving through Wilmington, Delaware on June 6th when a gunman opened fire on a pedestrian on the street. He used the family's car as a shield; the boy and his mom caught in the crossfire.

"He was on his way back to come visit me," JaShown’s father, Joshua Potts, said. “Later I get a call, ‘your son’s been shot,’ and I just dropped everything. My whole world just started spinning."

A bullet pierced JaShown's face and became lodged in his spine. The injury leaving him paralyzed and in need of constant medical care.

Now, as JaShown continues to fight, his parents are asking for the public’s help in getting the boy all of the equipment he needs — including a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

The family has created a GoFundMe page to collect donations and they’ve also started selling T-shirts to help with costs. Doctors say JaShown will eventually go home, but he may never recognize his family.

“With God’s hands, anything is possible,” Potts said.

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