Family Goes Fishing in Cape May, Catches Hammerhead Shark

A weekend at the shore quickly turned into an odd adventure, when a family reeled in a hammerhead shark at the end of their fishing line.

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Colleen Marie
In a video sent to NBC10 viewer Colleen Marie, her family can be seen bringing in a hammerhead shark, who took the bait on the family's fishing line during a beach day in Cape May, New Jersey.
Colleen Marie
For this family, the catch may have come just in time. According Colleen, she and her daughter were swimming in the water just 10 minutes before the shark was caught and brought to shore.
Colleen Marie
It wasn't just the catch that was a shock. Colleen said that the young hammerhead was injured, saying it "had a nice chunk eaten out of it," while blood could be seen coming from the shark's mouth in the video.
Colleen Marie
After the photo op, the family quickly released the shark back into the Cap May waters- only to see a larger shark fin sticking out of the waves, circling the water.
n“Bottom line: be careful swimming out there folks!” Colleen said. “Jaws could be out there next.“
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