Family Members Want Memorial at Building Collapse Site

It's been three months since a building collapsed in Center City, killing six people.

Two employees and four customers died inside the Salvation Army thrift store at 22nd and Market Streets after an adjacent building that was under demolition crumbled on top of the store on June 5.

"I was thinking, like what could we do, can I plant a tree, can we put up a picture?" said Robert Coleman, who lost his fiance, Kimberly Finnegan, in the collapse.

Then he heard about an online petition, started by Nancy Winkler whose 24-year-old daughter Anne Bryan also died in the collapse.

Winkler is a Philadelphia city treasurer and on the petition site, she asks Mayor Michael Nutter, Councilman Darrell Clarke and the Salvation Army to help fund a memorial.

"The memorial park would be a fitting way to acknowledge the disaster, to assure that it will never be forgotten and to remind the citizens of Philadelphia of the need for government oversight in building demolitions in order to protect public safety and human lives," said Winkler in the petition.

Since the petition started last week, more than 1,700 people have signed on to show their support.

"It's all about trying to get it out there, really, and that's been the biggest concern for both me and the families of the victims," said Coleman.

Coleman posted a sign at the collapse site, alerting people who walk by about the online petition.

"A well designed park and memorial may provide healing for the many people touched by this horrific, entirely avoidable event," said Winkler.

Attorney Eric Weiss, who represents the Salvation Army said that he is aware of the comment and has reached out to the Salvation Army for comment.

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