Beware of Possible Falling Ice From Center City Skyscrapers

Beware of potentially dangerous falling ice.

That’s the message Philadelphia has for people as sun and warming temps could cause ice to fall from city high-rises. And, city agencies want building owners and managers to take evasive actions to prevent any potential injuries.

"The Department of Licenses and Inspections and the Streets Department are advising mid-and high rise building owners and managers to monitor their building facades and ledges for ice build-up," the city said in a news release Wednesday. "Ice that has melted enough to break free and fall from building surfaces can pose a threat to passersby below. Building owners are advised to take precautions such as placing barricades and warning signs around potential fall zones."

On Wednesday he Lowes at 12th and Market streets in Center City had a "Caution: Falling Ice" sign out front and had part of the sidewalk blocked off a day after a nor'easter dumped half a foot of heavy snow and ice on the city.

Some streets in the area were closed midday Thursday as crews knocked off remaining ice on the historic hotel.

The melt was greater on Thursday as sunshine and temps in the mid-30s could cause more ice to become dislodged.

The city said that SEPTA buses and sidewalks could be rerouted if there are falling ice concerns.

"Pedestrians are advised to be cautious and respect any temporary barricades erected on the sidewalk," the city said.

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