Eyes of the Storm: NBC10 Reporters Provide On-Scene Sights and Sounds of Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence made landfall, NBC10's Steven Fisher and Miguel Martinez-Velle have been documenting their experience live in the Carolinas.

12 photos
Steve Fisher
Miguel Martinez-Valle
Houses like this one in Morehead City, North Carolina brace for the effects of the storm, boarding up their windows and doors.
Miguel Martinez - Valle
Planet Follywood, one of two restaurants still open in Folly Beach, South Carolina, plans on staying open until Florence says otherwise.
Office of the Nassau County District Attorney
Despite being on the brink of disaster, Charleston locals are making the most out of what the storm has to offer.
Miguel Martinez-Velle
Gas stations have closed and wrapped their pumps, as evacuation has spread through towns in North Carolina.
Thomaston Police
Low tide washes up on the South Carolina coast in Folly Beach.
Katy DiSanto
Businesses shut down and board up in North Carolina before the arrival of Florence.
Miguel Martinez-Velle
Volunteers help set up shelters in South Carolina.
Steven Fisher
South Carolina's license plate reads, "While I Breathe, I Hope." Residents will be doing a lot of hoping as the storm draws near.
Miguel Martinez-Valle
The last of the bright sky is met with early storm clouds over the North Carolina waters.
Kalahari Resorts and Conventions
Walmarts along the NC coast board up their stores before heading inland.
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