Hottest Day of the Year

Excessive Heat Watch issued for Monday and Tuesday

We're about to slam into the sweltering part of summer. Today and tomorrow will be hot and humid enough to make the days dangerous for the most vulnerable.

The city's Health Commissioner issued an Excessive Heat Watch for Philadelphia today and Tuesday.

Temperatures began climbing Sunday and by this morning it  was 91 degrees, with humidity making it feel close to 100 degrees, according to NBC10 Meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz.

By this afternoon, it will feel like 105 degrees outside. We get another double-H day on Tuesday and then relief on Wednesday when the high drops down to the upper 80s.

It's also sweltering down the shore with temperatures hovering in the 90s. Even the ocean is warm at 74 degrees. Some vacationers chose to brave the hot sand and take a dip, while others kept to the water parks and pools.

Bill Kolber even extended his weekend by calling in sick. "We decided since it’s going to be 105 in Philly, that we’ll stay by the beach, so I called in sick today," said Kolber. "And here I am laying here. I can’t get up."

People most at risk in extreme heat are older folks and people with chronic medical conditions like heart disease. Women who are pregnant are more vulnerable and so are small children and people who take certain medications on a regular basis, according to Commissioner Donald F. Schwarz. And even if you're in the best shape, you should reschedule any strenuous outdoor physical activities.

The Health Departments alert says you should also make sure fans and air conditioners are in working order, and make plans now to check on your neighbors, relatives and friends, especially older ones today and Tuesday.

The Philadelphia Corporation for Aging has some great tips to beat the heat and a helpline as well: 215-765-9040.

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