Man Lured by Ex Sex, Sodomized With Broomstick: Cops

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

A 29-year-old Philadelphia man thought he was going to have a romantic rendezvous with his ex-lover. Instead he was sodomized and brutally beaten, say police.

The man’s former lover, Renada Williams, 28, invited him over to her place on Church Street after he suggested they have sex Sunday, according to Philadelphia Police.

The two were in the middle of sex at William's home, when there was a knock on the door. Two men then barged inside and began to beat the man, police say.

"The complainant, the 29-year-old, was beaten repeatedly with a two-by-four, sticks, wires, cleaning fluid was spread about his body and he was sexually assaulted," Sgt. Ray Evers said.

The assailants, 16 and 20, sodomized the man with a broomstick during the attack, police say.

The unnamed victim initially did not tell police about the sodomy part of the assault, but admitted it later. He told police that the attack was so violent he lost consciousness.

"It’s just a savage, savage attack that this person had to deal with and at this time we’re still trying to find out exactly why this happened," Sgt. Evers said.

Police arrested Williams and the juvenile alleged attacker. The woman faces charges of Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault and Robbery. Police issued an arrest warrant for the 20-year-old assailant.

Williams’ alleged accomplices, who were only acquaintances, were waiting in a back room of the woman's home when she lured her ex over to the house, said police.

The victim is currently recovering in a local hospital his sister told NBC Philadelphia Wednesday.

"I'm sad that this happened to my brother and he's a nice young man. It's not right," the woman, who asked to remain anonymous said.

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