Escaped Teen Fails to Turn Himself In, Remains on Run

Hasheem Singletary was supposed to turn himself over to Philadelphia Police Thursday afternoon, but that never happened.

Authorities have been trying to track down the 16-year-old for two days after he jumped out of a car in West Philadelphia  -- with handcuffs still on -- while being extradited to Philadelphia by a private transport company.

Singletary's mom pleaded with the teen to return to custody Wednesday night. "You have to turn yourself in because it's not going to last. There's nowhere to run out here," Janet Brown said.

The teen is wanted for two gunpoint robberies and a burglary in University City from February, police said. He skipped town sometime after the alleged crimes, flying to Tennessee, and was picked up in Florida three weeks ago while driving a stolen car.

Singletary was last seen with his hands handcuffed in front of his body and wearing a black hoodie, black pants and dark blue shoes.

Anyone who may spot Singletary is asked to not approach him and call Philadelphia Police's Southwest Detective Division at 215.686.3183 or 911.

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