‘Epidemic of Violence' Against Transgender People Continues with Stabbing

The city has called attacks on transgender people an "epidemic"

Police tape
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A 32-year-old woman suffered critically serious injuries when she was almost raped and stabbed early Saturday, police said.

The woman, who is transgender, told police a man tried to kill her inside a home on East Montana Street in Philadelphia.

Police said the man began to rip her clothes off before stabbing her multiple times. After police responded to reports of a fight, the woman ran down the stairs covered in blood and collapsed at officers' feet.

Police have charged Robert Easley, 45, of East Montana Street, with attempted rape, aggravated assault, sexual assault and related offenses.

Attacks on transgender people in Philadelphia, particularly those of color, has been called an "epidemic of violence."

In September, 29-year-old Mia Green was found fatally shot in the neck of a car during a traffic stop.

"We know that the loss of yet another trans community member of color is especially painful, no matter the circumstances," the city’s Office of LGBT Affairs said at the time.

"This latest act of violence against a member of our community is a somber reminder of the epidemic of violence against trans individuals."

Green's death occurred months after the dismembered body of Dominique Rem'mie Fells, a trans woman, was discovered in the Schuylkill River. Investigators determined she had been murdered.

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