Lack of Envelopes Could Halt Pennsylvania County's Courts

The wheels of justice could grind to a halt in one Pennsylvania county thanks to some envelopes -- or lack thereof.

A Northampton County judge said that the county may need to cancel criminal court for a week in February because of staffing issues that left the county short envelopes it uses to notify everyone from victims to witnesses to police about upcoming court dates.

District Attorney John Morganelli tells NBC10 that due to the recent retirement of a print shop specialist, the county was short thousands of the needed envelopes. Volunteers were hand stamping the envelopes — including postal regulations — and using typewriters to address the envelopes in an attempt to keep things moving.

County Executive John Brown told The Express-Times that a new solution would be used to address the issue.

"The IT solution for the district attorney's office will be up and running by end of the day,” Brown told the paper. “This will solve the current situation in the DA's office."

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