Hungry Horses Rescued From West Philly “Stables”

Luckily all the horses should be OK

An appalling discovery was made in West Philadelphia Wednesday when four emaciated horses were discovered at a rundown “stable.”

Notice those quotation marks -- the mud-filled, rundown lot on Ogden Street had a few plywood boxes that were kind of like stables but weren't well kept. The lot was so foul that even a goat apparently living in the area chose to jump up on a rooftop rather than deal with the mud and manure.

“You can see this place is extremely unsanitary,” said George Bengal with the SPCA. “There’s nothing but piles and piles of manure, the horses are not in good shape, they’re emaciated.”

Luckily, SPCA officials arrived in time to rescue the horses from the unsanitary conditions and get some food in the animals’ stomachs.

Horses on Ogden Street were nothing new. There is a well-kept stable on the street where horses are fed and cared for properly, but in the nearby vacant lot it was a different story.

It wasn’t clear what happened to the horses’ owner -- he just stopped showing up, said a neighbor.

The SPCA will care for the horses as they are returned to full strength and they hope to find the horses’ owner to find out what happened.

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