Election Day Gear Dilemma

There's some major drama over what Pennsylvania Voters will be allowed to wear to the polls on November 4th.

Two Pittsburgh-area elections officials argue that the state shouldn't have advised counties to allow voters to cast ballots while wearing campaign T-shirts, buttons and other political attire.

A Pennsylvania judge was scheduled to hear arguments Wednesday in a lawsuit concerning whether voters may wear clothing with political messages at the polls on Election Day.

In some states, wearing your political allegiances to the voting booth could determine whether you are allowed to vote or be sent home to change.

The Department of State said in a memo last month that voters' apparel doesn't matter as along as they don't take additional steps to influence others at the polls.

The memo isn't legally binding, but the elections officials who sued say it could allow large groups of like-minded voters to engage in partisan electioneering.

As of Wednesday evening, the judge has not made a decision.

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