Teens Ask Elderly Woman for Ride, Lock Her in Trunk: Police

Police say it all started when the victim agreed to give a ride to two teenage girls

Five teenagers have been charged in the carjacking and abduction of an 89-year-old woman from Lincoln, Del.

Delaware State Police say Margaret Smith was approached on Monday by two teen girls at the Chicken Man convenience store in Milford, who asked her for a ride.

Smith agreed and drove the two girls to a house in the Lincoln area, but when they arrived, police say the teenagers demanded her keys and began struggling with her.

After getting their hands on the keys, police say the girls ordered Smith to get out of the car, forced her into the trunk and drove off.

Smith was trapped in the trunk for two days, before being dropped off at a cemetery east of Seaford. Police say at some point during the two days, the teens stole $500 from Smith.

Police found the elderly woman wandering at the cemetery early Wednesday morning.

Later that night, police pulled over the stolen car on Chaplains Chapel Road in Bridgeville. Five teens, including the two girls who locked Smith in the trunk, were arrested.

The teens ranged in age from 14 to 17.

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