Fires Break Out at Historic NJ Site, Birds' Nest Stuck in Path of Smoke

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What to Know

  • An osprey could be circling as a fire burned at a historic site in Burlington, New Jersey, Monday morning.
  • The bird of prey's nest was near one of the building on fire at the old U.S. Pipe property near the Delaware River.
  • No injuries were reported.

Fires broke out Monday morning at four buildings at a historic site in Burlington County.

The first of the fires broke out around 3:30 a.m., Burlington Mayor Barry Conaway said.

The fires burned at the abandoned McNeal Mansion and U.S. Pipe property site along East Pearl Street in Burlington, New Jersey. One of the burning buildings sits across from the Amazon fulfillment center.

One warehouse burned near what appeared to be the nest of a bird of prey, perched on a poll. What initially appeared to be an eagle, but was later confirmed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to be an osprey, could be seen swooping above the smoky blaze and what appeared to be two young birds were in the nest.

The flames continued to burn in at least one building after daybreak.

No one was injured in the blazes, which took place along the Delaware River.

The historic mansion wasn't involved in the fires, as initially thought, as it was already in ruins. One of the buildings that did catch fire needed to be demolished, officials said.

It wasn't known if the fires were connected in any way. Investigators were searching for the cause of the blazes.

Burlington has been looking to redevelop the area, which is controlled by the city, Conaway said. Part of the revitalization effort includes a walkway along the river that would connect to the Burlington-Bristol Bridge.

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