Philadelphia Eagles Inspire Henna for Wedding

Pauline Alegria, a die-hard Eagles fan, had the NFL team's logo designed in henna for her wedding.

5 photos
Pauline Alegria via Twitter
Alegria tweeted this photo Tuesday morning with the caption, "For my wedding henna I had my artist create the #Eagles #SBCHAMPS on my wrist! Can I get a free SB shirt for my loyalty?!? LMAO! Worth a chance! Can’t wait for this season!!! FLY EAGLES FLY!!"
A close-up of the intricately designed Eagles logo
Alegria went to the artist that she met through a mutual friend. She said that everyone was surprised at how well-done the Eagles design looked.
Pauline Alegria
Alegria admitted that she is considering a permanent Eagles tattoo after the historic Super Bowl victory.
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