Man Arrested for Alleged DUI Escapes from Police, Runs Out Hospital Side Door

A man arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in Southwest Philadelphia overnight managed to slip away from police at the hospital and take off out a side door.

Now, police are searching for the 24-year-old, whom they later identified as Khalil Robinson. Police said Robinson crashed his car on Woodland Avenue near 63rd Street late Wednesday night and was arrested for DUI.

Police say a 24-year-old man arrested for allegedly driving under the influence escaped from police at Presbyterian Hospital overnight. Now they’re searching for him.

When he complained of pain, arresting officers took him to Presbyterian Medical Center for treatment, police said. When the officers took off his handcuffs at the hospital, the man -- wearing a hospital gown and a neck brace -- managed to get away and flee out a side door.

Police said he left his ID and wallet behind at the hospital. They continued to search for him Thursday morning and released a photo of him in hopes someone will see him and alert them to his whereabouts.

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