Speeding Wrong-Way Van Smashes Into Police SUV

A wrong-way driver faces DUI charges after slamming into Philadelphia Police vehicles overnight landing one officer in the hospital with aches and pains.

The incident began around 2:30 a.m. as an officer investigated an unrelated vehicle along the 1100 block of Cumberland Street in North Philadelphia.

“A (minivan) comes the wrong way down Cumberland Street at a high rate of speed, strikes a parked car, bounces off that parked car, hits the officer’s car setting off a chain reaction of other vehicles,” Capt. Patrick Kelly.

The van then plowed into an unoccupied police cruiser before finally coming to a stop. One car wound up being pushed up onto a 4-foot embankment while the van and police vehicle both were heavily damaged.

The van driver and the 22nd District officer were rushed to the hospital for treatment. Both are expected to recover.

The unidentified driver appeared to be intoxicated and what police believed are narcotics were found in his vehicle, said Kelly.

“He’s under investigation for possible DUI and other narcotics charges,” said Kelly.

Kelly was thankful no one else was seriously injured especially the yet-to be identified officer.

“The officer seems to be in good shape for how violent an accident this was,” said Kelly.

“Thank god for that,” said Kelly.

It’s unclear why the driver was going the wrong way.

“What was going through this person’s mind? They come down at least a half block the wrong way – if not further – at such a high-rate of speed. They must have seen the officer’s car, it’s a Jeep, his lights were activated at the time.”

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