More DUI Cases Involved Bad Breathalyzers: D.A.

New checks balances put in place after another 1,000 DUI cases are affected by bad machines

So it looks like even more DUI cases were affected by botched Breathalyzers in Philly.

Back in March, Philly Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced that police "screwed up" -- four of their Breathalyzers were not calibrated correctly, putting in doubt 1,147 DUI cases handled from September 2009 through November 2010.

In the wake of the shocking announcement by the Philadelphia Police Department, the District Attorney’s Office implemented major new changes when it comes to DUI cases and they said that they would review each of those cases and look further into other cases.

After six weeks of investigation it turns out that nearly 1,000 more DUI cases -- totaling 2,126 -- involved the affected machines, District Attorney Seth Williams announced Friday.

But the announcement of more drunk/impaired driving cases doesn't mean everyone is getting a new trial.

Of the 2,100-plus cases, 667 of them aren't eligible for a new trial because the individual tested either wasn't over the legal limit, was already found not guilty or the case was already withdrawn.

That leaves 1,460 DUI cases eligible for a new trial.

Beginning late last month Judge Marsha Neifield began hearing some of the disputed cases. For the next few months a courtroom has been designated every Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. to hear DUI retrials, according to the D.A.

The Office also said that they have started a new set of internal checks and balances involving the review of DUI cases. Also the calibrations of the Breathalyzers will be checked by the D.A.'s office moving forward, they said.

"This was an unfortunate case of human error," said Williams, "But we identified it and have started the process of correcting any mistakes that were made."   

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