DubFest Fears Overblown Or Warranted?

A day before a town-wide party is set to happen in West Chester, its organizers tell residents to have some faith in students

More than 3,000 people are set to take to the streets of West Chester Saturday as part of an all-day party. But while many are excited, some are worried that May 1 will become a day of anarchy.

DubFest 2010 is supposed to celebrate the end of the school year at West Chester University. Attendees are encouraged to wear purple and gold -- WCU's colors -- and hang with friends before finals begin.

Big deal, say many for a school of 12,000 -- that is until they learned the details.

Unlike traditional large parties, DubFest is meant to be a town-wide event. Instead of having everyone amass at a central location, partiers will be moving to and from scores of smaller, self-organized parties at houses around the school.

Police are concerned that will lead to excess drinking, fights and chaos. But DubFest organizer Sean Lowery says have a little faith.

"For the people who think this might be some sort of riot, it's an opportunity for everyone to act nice and be good kids," he said Friday.

Lowery, a WCU junior, says the event -- organized on Facebook -- was always meant to be just safe fun.

"I would like everyone to be safe…obviously that’s what you gotta do."

Fellow organizer David Hecker says the party is actually a chance to prove to the town that students can be responsible.

But with all of the negative attention the event has been getting, some West Chester business owners expect it to just fizzle out.

"Are we going to be more aware? Yes, we are, but I think this DubFest whatever is really not materializing," Ryan's Pub owner Pat Ryan said.

Some students seem to be echoing that sentiment opting to stay inside on Saturday.

"I'm not planning to participate," said sophomore Bethany Beaver. "I don’t even want to go outside."

Regardless of whether the event gets out of control, Lowery plans to lead a cleanup crew on Sunday to get the town back to working order.

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