Drunk Driver Hits Man on Crutches: Police

A pedestrian is in critical condition after a drunk driver hit him as he tried to cross the street on crutches early Saturday morning.

Twenty-five-year-old George Mullen of the 100 block of North 7th Street, Warminster faces multiple charges including driving under the influence after he hit a 49-year-old man with his 2001 Ford Taurus, according to officials.

The victim was in the crosswalk, making his way across Frankford Avenue at Sheffield Street in the city's Holmesburg neighborhood shortly after midnight Saturday, according to reports.

Witnesses say the pedestrian, who was slowed by his crutches, was about halfway across the street when the signal changed.

The pedestrian tried to avoid oncoming traffic, but the vehicle slammed into him and sent him airborne, according to officials.

The victim, who suffered a severe head injury, was unconcious when medics arrived on the scene.

He was transported to Aria Torresdale Hospital, where he is listed in critical condition.

Two other pedestrians were hit by vehicles Saturday. A crash in Bucks County killed one person and another accident in West Philly left a 2-year-old hurt.

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