Driver Fires at Car After Horn Honk

Pennsylvania State Police are searching for the driver of a silver SUV, who fired at a woman's car after she beeped her horn

Pennsylvania State Police are conducting a manhunt for the driver who shot at a woman's car after she beeped her horn at him.

The female driver, who is not being identified, tells investigators she was driving along I-78 in Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County when she spotted a silver SUV swerving in the left lane.

The woman told the State Police the driver was traveling at a slow rate of speed and when it looked like the SUV was going to hit a tractor trailer, she decided to beep her horn.

The SUV then sped up and gave her "the finger", and that's when the woman tells police she heard a loud bang.

Police tell NBC10's Doug Shimell that they found a single bullet hole in the right rear door.

They are now searching for the silver SUV with New Jersey license plates.

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