Who's the “Dork?”

Residents are fed-up with the "dorkyness" of alleged Roxborough graffiti artist

He calls himself “Dork” and he likes to write his name everywhere.

Upsetting Roxborough residents with his need to scribble the moniker all over public signs and buildings, “Dork” joins other graffiti artists that have been vandalizing the fifth district, reports Patch.com.

"Graffiti in the neighborhood is terrible... (We're looking for) 'Dork,' 'Craze', all of them," community relations Officer Charles Kline said at the Wissahickon Neighbors Civic Association Monday night, reports Patch.

Sometime overnight Wednesday into Thursday someone tagged "Dork" on Carlino Flowers and Formals at Ridge Avenue and Martin Street.

"It’s sad that these kids today got nothing better to do," said store owner Stan Tropiano. "It’s not the type of an area or neighborhood that we aren’t vigilant about trying to keep up and take nonsense like that off."

But to cover up the graffiti comes at a cost.

"It’s very frustrating... it costs money and we don’t like it," said Ramos and Associates President Jose Ramos.

While some residents have taken it into their own hands to paint over what has been defaced, others have the option of reporting sightings to the Anti-Graffiti Network which will remove unwanted graffiti.

"It was a battle of wills with me. 'Dork' kept painting the same spot across the street. I don't know who he is, but I keep seeing it, reporting it, and it will be back the next day," said resident Theresa Marvasso of Walnut Lane told Patch.

Kline says that local police officers are aware of the recent curse of “Dork” and others and are on the lookout for the vandals, reports Patch.

"I hope they do catch him," said Ramos.

Police say that they are pouring over surveillance footage of graffiti artists allegedly in action.

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