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Trump Disses Downingtown, Mayor Fires Back on Social Media

After appearing at West Chester University on Monday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump managed to stir up controversy on his way out of town with a tweet describing nearby Downingtown as "so sad!"[[377412251,C]]

Downingtown Mayor Josh Maxwell took offense and responded with a string of tweets condemning Trump and his negative portrayal of the town.

The candidate's tweet featured a photo of an abandoned Downingtown paper mill, with Trump lamenting about Downingtown's once "vibrant" industrial past.[[377480241,C]]

Maxwell, a Democrat, rebuked Trump's assertions with a tweet of his own.  He accused the Republican front-runner of being uninformed, and explained that discussions had already begun about revitalizing that area prior to Trump's visit.[[377480811, C]][[218989091,C]]

Amidst recieving "hundreds" of angry messages from Trump supporters, Maxwell fired back by drawing a comparison between the abandoned mill and one of Trump's own ventures:[[377481921,C]]

Later, Maxwell summed up the situation with one last statement.[[377482661,C]][[377405761,C]]

After posting the Downingtown tweet, Trump's twitter stream went back to focusing on primary elections and ultimately thanking Pennsylvania for his win in the state. 

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