New Jersey

Officials Rescue Dogs Left Outside During Dangerous Cold

Two dogs now have shelter and much-needed warmth after they were left outside in South Jersey during the coldest temperatures in months, officials said.

One dog was found alone in a backyard and porch at a vacant home in Millville, New Jersey Tuesday morning and was rescued by animal control officers. The second dog was found outside a home in Vineland, New Jersey after his chain became tangled around a lawnmower, stopping him from going into a garage for shelter. 

Both dogs were taken to the Cumberland County SPCA shelter where they continue to recover.

“Their body temps were down several degrees,” said Bev Greco of the Cumberland County SPCA. “We got them warmed up.”

Experts say the recent bitter cold temperatures are especially dangerous to pets. After a long stretch of unusually mild weather, many animals are more vulnerable to the cold than they would typically be in January.

“By this time, you know they’d normally have two months where their coats thicken up,” Greco said. “This is an exceptional time where you really need to be aware of your animals and their situations outside. They must have shelter.”

Authorities left notices on both homes where the dogs were seized. Officials say the owners will be charged with neglect if they’re able to track them down.

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