Philadelphia Officers Shoot, Kill Pit Bull as Bite Victim Jumps Onto Hood of Police Car

Philadelphia Police shot and killed a dog after a woman being bitten by the pit bull jumped on the hood of a police car overnight.

"Just after 11 p.m. (Thursday) 25th District Police responded to numerous 911 calls -- report of a female screaming and report of a woman being attacked by a vicious pit bull on the highway on the 3200 block of N American Street," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

The dog was biting the 27-year-old woman when the officers pulled up along the North Philadelphia street, said police.

"(The woman) actually jumped onto the hood of the police car... in an attempt to get away from the dog," said Small.

As the attack on the woman continued, officers got out of their car and opened fire.

"Both officers discharged their weapon one time each, striking the pit bull, that's when th pit bull released its grip from the female," said Small.

Medics transported the woman to Episcopal Hospital for treatment for bite wounds to her left leg and left arm. She was listed in stable condition.

The dog – described as a larger-than-normal sized pit bull – died at the scene, said Small.

The officers "did what they had to do," said Small. "They fire just two shots, striking the dog and that ended the attack."

The dog lived on the block, the bite victim doesn’t live on the block, said Small. Witnesses told police the dog was leashed but had gotten off the leash just moments before the attack.

Neighbors tried to calm the dog before officers arrived, said witnesses.

No word yet on possible charges.

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