Dog Attack in South Philadelphia Caught on Video

A dog attack in South Philadelphia caught on camera Wednesday showed a woman kicking away the rushing canine as it lunged at the dog walker and her two little dogs.

The victim, Christine Hess, who lives just a few doors away from where the frantic attack took place at 10th and Hoffman streets, said she filed a police report immediately after the 4:30 p.m. incident. Hess said it’s the second time in recent months that the dog broke free of a leash tethering it to its owner’s home.

“The time that this happened before, it was the same scenario,” Hess, 29, said. “The last time I picked up my dogs and screamed. But I guess since I screamed he didn’t come all the way. This time, he was really trying to bite us.”[[376589451,C]]

The video shows Hess kicking the dog several times at the same time she picks up both of her dogs.

“He was really going after the dogs. He was jumping toward me but he was really going after the dogs,” Hess said. “His dog was vicious. It was not playful at all.”

She filed a police report with the third police district. Officers told her they would refer the dog to animal control. As of Thursday, Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) had not heard anything from police, a spokeswoman said.

Police did confirm they responded to an animal incident at 4:41 p.m. in the 900 block of Hoffman Street.

Hess said the dog’s owner did come out of a nearby home and get his dog, but did not apologize for the scary run-in.

“I kicked it five to seven times, I was screaming get your dog! Get your dog!,’ The guy came out, got his dog, didn’t apologize , grabbed the leash and went back inside,” Hess said.

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