Philly Full of Hotties or Stalkers?

Dear Philly ad raises question of promoting hotties -- or stalking them

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The Visit Philly campaign has always been a bit eccentric yet catchy. But perhaps none quite like their newest ad getting tourists to come into the City of Brotherly Love.

Their latest Facebook flyer reads, “Dear Fellas, the sun is out. So are the ladies. P.S. Get a front-row seat at an outdoor café.”

There seems to be mixed feelings about the message. Facebook readers have referred to it as everything from "smarmy" to just liking it.

A first take could give off a stalker-esque vibe while others could care less. Either way, Philly isn't known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the country so it could just be a fun way to spin the hotties we got.

Though not as pleasing as the “Always Sunnyreferences: “Dear Charlie, I’ll take 1,000 Kitten Mittens,” you have to admit it’s what a lot of guys do in the city.

What do you think? Tell us how you feel Philly!

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