DNC Road Closures: Where You Should Avoid During the Convention

The first roads were shut down to traffic around the Sports Complex in South Philadelphia Friday night in preparation for the Democratic National Convention.

Construction crews used a portable crane to place concrete barriers on the ramps from Interstate 95 to Broad Street just before 9 p.m. Additional closures came early Saturday.

The convention begins on Monday and the closures last through Friday for some spots.

Permanent closures throughout the DNC:

  • Broad Street from Packer Avenue to the Navy Yard/Terminal Avenue
  • Pattison Avenue from 7th Street to the furthest east entrance to FDR Park
  • Terminal Avenue from Broad Street to 11th Street
  • 11th Street from Hartranft Street to Terminal Avenue
  • Authorized vehicles only:
  • Pattison Avenue from 20th Street to the furthest east entrance to FDR Park
  • Hartranft Street from Broad Street to Darien Street
  • Darien Street from Packer Avenue to Lurie Way
  • 10th Street south of Packer Avenue
DNC Road Closure Map Sports Complex
U.S. Secret Service
A map showing road closures and driving restrictions during the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

The I-76 eastbound ramp at exit 350 (Packer Avenue) will be shut down each day from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. from Monday, July 25 through Friday, July 29. The I-95 northbound exit 17 ramp (Broad Street) will shut down to midday Friday, July 29. The I-95 southbound exit 17 ramp (Broad Street) will also shut down for the majority of the week, allowing only special access to the Navy Yard at designated times.

I-95 will be open to passenger vehicles during the DNC, but the highway is closed to commercial vehicles between exit 13 (I-76/Route 291/Valley Forge) and exit 22 (I-676). The highway will reopen to normal midday on Friday, July 29, officials said.

I-95 north is reduced from three lanes to two at Exit 13(I-76 West/Route 291/Valley Forge) near the Philadelphia International Airport. The adjacent collector/distributor roadway alongside I-95 north is also restricted to two lanes in this area.

On I-95 south, traffic is reduced from four lanes to three moving through the Girard Avenue Interchange toward the I-676 Interchange at Exit 22 (I-676.)

The I-676 east exit ramp to I-95 south is reduced from two lanes to one.

Lane closures may also occur at I-95 at Exit 13 (I-76 West/Route 291/Valley Forge) and Exit 22 (I-676) during the week if needed to allow state police to safely perform enforcement detail.

Besides the road closures, the area "within 30 Nautical Miles of downtown Philadelphia, to include FDR Park" from Monday, July 25 through Thursday, July 28, will be a "no drone zone," according to officials. There will also be waterway and airspace restrictions in place at the time. For more details, click here.

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