Philadelphia police

Stranger Supports Police Working Convention with ‘DNC Survival Kits' of Candy, Thank-You Notes

An anonymous but kind stranger handed 'DNC Survival Kit' bags to some police officers working Democratic National Convention details in Center City on Thursday.

Philadelphia Police Lt. Steve Clark's squad received one of the bags, which contained a thank-you note that reads:

"DNC Survival Kit ...
1) Life Savers - B/c that is what you are!
2) Gum - So we can all stick together.
3) Tootsie Roll - Sometimes we have to roll w/ the punches!
4) Laffy Taffy - Laughter = Best stress reliever
5) Starburst - For an extra burst of energy during these 12-hour shifts.
Thank you for being great! xoxo"

The treats were packed into a black gift bag with a blue line -- often a symbol used to show support for law enforcement -- across it.

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