DNA Links Rape Suspect to CC and Univ. City Attacks

A violent predator is off the streets, according to cops

DNA evidence gathered in Central Pennsylvania has linked a rape suspect to a pair of violent Philadelphia sexual assaults, according to Philly Police.

Domenique Wilson, 23, is already charged with brutally attacking three Lock Haven University students in their apartment on Super Bowl Sunday. Now he is being fingered by police as the alleged culprit in a series of attacks in Philadelphia.

Philly police announced last week that they were looking into Wilson as a possible suspect for some sexual attacks in the city. Now they can link Wilson to two of those attacks.

Wilson allegedly attacked two women, sexually assaulting one, in the 4400 block of Spruce Street in University City in Dec. 2008 and sexually attacked a 25-year-old woman and tied-up her boyfriend in the 900 block of Clinton Street in Center City in Oct. 2008, according to police.

Police plan to file charges against Wilson for the two incidents.

"We are convinced [Wilson] is the perpetrator of our two crimes," said Captain John Darby with the Philadelphia Police Special Victims Unit.

Police will continue to build the case against Wilson.

"The DNA is one instrument. It's a significant instrument that we have but it is not the only thing that we have," said Darby.

Wilson is currently in jail in Clinton County, Pa. facing charges for the Lock Haven attacks. He attempted to escape jail last week, according to reports.

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