DNA Results in Mere Minutes, Not Months

DNA results in just 90 minutes.

That’s what a local police department is promising thanks to a new testing initiative.

Bensalem Police announced Tuesday afternoon that they were taking place in a pilot program known as “BodeHITS - Rapid Analysis.”

Bensalem is the first police department in the country to try the program, which gives results in just 90 minutes.

Bensalem Police showed off the new “from the streets to results in 90 minutes” technology and answered questions Tuesday afternoon.

Since 2010, Bensalem Police have utilized Lorton, Va.-based Bode and the department’s own database of more than 6,000 DNA samples to help make connections in more than 100 criminal investigations.

The old system got police results within 30 days compared to 6 to 9 months previously.

This new technology will knock down what used to take months to taking just minutes.

“The goal is to generate near, real-time DNA matches to generate probable cause arrests from active criminals in active investigations,” said a press release from Bensalem Police.

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