District Unveils Plan to Improve Philly Schools

It’s being called a “blueprint to reset the school district.”

It’s being called a “blueprint to reset the school district.” Today, the Philadelphia School District unveiled its plan of action to improve Philly schools.

NBC10 received an advanced copy of the plan Monday morning. It contains a list of priorities the district has identified as issues they want school leaders to focus on. Those priorities include:

  • Increasing graduation rates
  • Prioritizing early literacy
  • A High School improvement plan
  • Increasing the amount of higher test results in reading and Math
  • Cutting costs to ensure financial stability with a 5-year financial plan

There will also be a push for better training for teachers and principals as well as a focus on meeting the needs of special education students, who make up 14% of the student population in the district.

The plan also includes a push for improving student nutrition, reducing violence and turning around low performing schools.

The District says they don’t have exact solutions for all of these problems at this point. Right now, they have a list of issues they want to concentrate and improve on.

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