Delco SPCA Turns Away Pets From Certain Towns

Rescue organization raised stray rates almost 500 percent in 2010 and some towns have yet to agree

If you were walking down the streets of Aston, Pa. and came across a stray dog, forget about bringing Fido to the Delaware County SPCA.

They'll tell you they don't accept healthy pooches from Aston or spry cats from Lower Chichester or stray bunnies from Sharon Hill.

That's because those towns and six others have yet to agree to new animal control prices.

In 2010, the animal rescue raised rates almost 500 percent from the year before -- going from $25 per pet to $116.

Delco SPCA officials say they desperately need the funds to care for sick and homeless animals.

"We are not subsidized by the state. We are not subsidized by the government, so we need those funds from the community and from the municipalities to do a service," said Fran Franchi of the Delco SPCA.

Franchi offered a recently rescued dog from Chester, Pa. as an example. The dog was in very poor shape when it was taken in -- it was dangerously thin and needed more than $500 in emergency veterinarian care.

Franchi says $25 just doesn't cut it. Even the new rate wouldn't cover that situation.

The rescue organization would never turn away a sick or injured animal, but what about that healthy stray you find?

"If it's in a municipality that hasn't signed, you need to take it to your township and ask them what alternatives they have made," Franchi said.

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