Delco SPCA Rescues Neglected Dog That Had Cable Wire Around Neck

A dog is recovering after she was found with a severely lacerated neck in an Upper Darby home Monday.
A property manager found the 6-month-old Shepard-Pit Bull Terrier mix in a home on Clover lane. Officials say the dog, who they named Clover, was tethered to a banister with a cable wire which she chewed herself free from but not without severe lacerations to her neck.
“We’re lucky that she didn’t decapitate herself, starve to death, or both,” said Ron Riggle, Humane Society Police Officer, and Clover’s rescuer. Riggle is actively investigating Clover’s case to prosecute the person responsible for the cruelty.
Clover had to undergo emergency surgery for her injuries, which she sustained during the 3-4 weeks she was restrained by the cable wire. Officials say she will require additional surgeries. Dr. Kim Boudwin, Director of the Delco SPCA’s Shelter Medicine, is currently caring for her. The Delco SPCA is collection donations for Dover’s Care. You can visit their website or mail your donation to the Delco SPCA at 555 Sandy Bank Road, Media, PA 19063. 
Authorities also rescued a female cat that they named Charmer. With exception to being underweight, Charmer appears to be good health.
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