Delaware County

Delco Dad Makes Lucky Catch of His Life

You can plan a pregnancy all you want, but if the baby wants out, you better be ready anywhere.

Joe and Erjola Logue saw their doctor Wednesday night while she was having minor contractions, but was sent home to rest. That's when baby Jason took control.

Mom went to use the bathroom then, "I was like, I think I'm having a baby, and he's like wait, what?" Erjola tells NBC10'a Randy Gyllenhaal.

The Upper Darby couple, who met in high school, have another child together.

"I knew just to put my hand under there and catch the baby," Joe said.

The Marine Corps. veteran who received a Purple Heart in Afghanistan after his tank was hit by an IED said nothing prepares you for this.

Paramedics arrived to help and found a 6 pound, healthy baby boy.

The family was taken to Delaware County Memorial Hospital, but were all doing fine Thursday night.

"Well, for all the fathers, just don't miss, hope you can catch," Joe joked.

Call it a lucky delivery for this family on St. Patrick's Day.

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