Delco Carjacker May be Linked to White Murder: Cops

Police are investigating a connection between an alleged Upper Darby carjacker and the shooting that left a young father dead on Monday.

Upper Darby police chased 24-year-old Alexander Solomon on foot before capturing him on Cobbs Creek Parkway in Philadelphia Tuesday night. Police say that Solomon is charged with the armed robbery and carjacking of a motorist.

Police say that around 9:45 p.m, the carjacking victim pulled into his driveway behind his home on Ruskin Lane. As he exited the vehicle, Solomon allegedly put a gun to his head and demanded his cell phone, money and car keys.

They also believe he may be connected to three other carjackings -- including the brown car that was stolen from 69th Street and then allegedly used in the murder of 22-year-old Corey White.

White was shot in the chest on Monday in West Philadelphia, just hours after a court hearing that involved the mother of his daughter, London Eley, 19, who allegedly tried to hire someone to kill White via Facebook last May.

Both Eley and the 18-year-old that answered the Facebook post, Timothy Bynum, have been in jail since early June.

Police aren't confirming that White's murder is connected to Eley or Bynum.

"Obviously this is something we're going to look at very strongly as to why Mr. White was killed, however, there are a couple other theories out there..." Philadelphia Police Captain James Clark said in a press conference Tuesday.

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