New Jersey

Officials Find Body of Missing Man in Delaware River

Officials found the body of a missing boater in the Delaware River Sunday night.

A man in his 40's was on an 18-foot boat with another man around 1:30 p.m. in the Delaware River in Fort Mifflin near Philadelphia International Airport.

Officials say the man jumped off the back of the boat into the water to swim. A passing jet ski tried to throw a life vest to the man but he then went under and never resurfaced.

"The jet ski tried to save him but it was too late," said Nancy Cockrill. "He went under and they couldn't find him again." 

The U.S. Coast Guard, New Jersey State Police, Philadelphia Police and Gloucester City Fire Department were all called to the scene and a search was conducted. The Marine Unit later recovered the man's body at the bottom of the Delaware River in National Park, Gloucester County, New Jersey around 8:30 p.m.

Officials have not yet revealed the man's identity. Friends and family identified him as Chris Allen of Camden, New Jersey however. A family member said Allen just turned 46 on Saturday.

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